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Friday, January 14, 2011

Naina Dhaliwal

Mini Biography of Naina Dhaliwal
Naina Dhaliwal is an Indian model, beauty queen, and actress. She was Miss India 2004. Dhaliwal, who hails from Ludhiana, plays the 'second lead' in the Himanshu Malik-Meghna Naidu film Jackpot', in which she plays a rich lady who gets murdered. Dhaliwal has also done guest appearances in 'Amavas' and 'Madhoshi'.
Dhaliwal was born in Ludhiana, India. Besides being the Miss India 2004, she had also visited Palm Springs, California to represent India at the Mrs, Globe 2004 contest.
Her husband Sam Dhaliwal is an American citizen. In interviews, she described him as 'broad-minded'. He is 14 years older than her. She is fond of animals and enjoys cooking Indian meals. She doesn't think she is betraying her marriage when she gets physical on screen.

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